Above & Beyond has a goal to help you attain your goal. We do our part by delivering a virtual experience delivered in 4D. We start by using RoadMAP
to identify a direction and then we add your very own Performance Coach to assist in the process. Then you create your Game Plan identifying where
you are now and where you want to go and then we give you access to WebLocker, an online app designed to provide the foundation for building the
Game Plan
to help you manage all of the key variables that will have to be managed if you are to achieve your goals. WebLocker, gives you the tools
so you can be your own online Personal Health Manager.

WebLocker is designed to gather and evaluate data and prescribe modifications to your personalized RoadMAP. During the journey, Above & Beyond
members communicate with their performance coach through the convenience of their handheld device which puts their Personal Health Manager
app right in the palm of their hand. It is an invaluable tool in your effort to succeed. Together, you can accomplish almost anything!!!

Our "Second to None" philosophy equips you with the right tools and the right mindset needed to be succeessful in most endeavors you choose.
Upon using many of the tools, the techniques and the technology included in Above & Beyond, you'll be able to accomplish your Game Plan and
allow the added energy, better feeling and the improvement to execute in all facets of your daily life.

Above & Beyond
uses advanced technological systems and programs to help collect data at whatever step you deem worthy. And we are not asking
to gather data just to gather data. We only ask that you gather on what things you have done that may impact the final outcome. This way you can
assess and monitor your efforts & your progress. This may be the only way to be able to show your progress. Our WebLocker will show you which
abilities you have developed and which will be helpful in achieving your stated goals.

Above & Beyond applies its very own unique blend of applied science with the proper use of technology to improve your performance at every level
of your personal, professional, relational and spiritual development. Our elite performance programs provides you a look at the world of performance
improvement like you've never seen before. We fine tune your skills, elevate your attitude, improve your appearance and give you abilities you never
had before and we do so in a way that allows you to reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

Above & Beyond invites athletes to participate in a scientific skill assessment. Here, we will assess your goals, your current health and your desire
to want to add skills or activities to your life. Upon completition of the assessment, our professional performance coaches will design a personalized
training program to help you hone and fine tune the skills and physical attributes you will need to succeed.

Above & Beyond delivers a sound method for setting goals. Your performance coach will show you how to achieve your stated goals. We offer individual,
one-on-one training or if you prefer, you can train in a small group. Each program is designed to improve your skill set and allow you to see continued
improvement and if you want help, our proven systems and programs and apps are available. So, where would you like to take your game today?

Above & Beyond helps each participant achieve their true potential. We'll show you tools that when used properly, can help you track, assess and modify
behavior to keep your improvement on pace and on target. We'll teach basic and advance skills in areas that matter most to you. We'll coach in every facet
of life so you can make good decisions, use your problem solving skills, be creative, comprehend your current situations, why, we'll even make you faster
if thats what you are looking to do.

Above & Beyond "performance coaches" supervise your training and in the process, they will give you a complete understanding of what it is going to take
to improve you abilities to achieve success. We'll help you to identify your key list of priorities, help set your goals, monitor your progress and motivate you
to accomplish even the most challenging of tasks!

Above & Beyond is creating new programs and sharing its research and findings. SO far, the results have been impressive to say the least. Members
have shown high degree of success in their endeavors and these efforts on behalf of the members and the results that they have generated are truly
helping put this idea of having a digital perfomance manager on the map.

Special Programs

           - Skill Training - Rehearse Game Time Situations and Learn How to Succeed Under Pressure
           - Speed & Agility - Feel the Need for Speed! We'll improve your reaction time and make you faster.
           - Strength & Conditioning -
Lifting, Stretching, Running, Riding and and Other Techniques
           - Periphrial Vision -
Seeing the Whole Field. Know what to look for while running the race!

           - Reflexes -
Improving Your Reaction Time
           - Nutrition - Fuel for Champions


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