The Sports Academy offers personal sport-specific instruction for all levels. Our programs are designed to help you succeed
by first creating a strong game plan, set some goals and then fire off pin point accuracy in the execution. Our approach uses
science and technology to deliver sound training tips along with helping guide you throiugh an advanced game plan preparation.

Our sport-specific training program will assist you as you develop sport-specific skill sets, proper nutritional discipline, and efficient time management skills which are crucial as you start to use the tools we have developed so you can keep track and assess the rsults of your efforts.

We all know how important a positive mental attitude is in relation to accomplishing your goals and doing well. This is why when you connect with your very own virtual performance coach, you will connect with someone who will always have a positive outlook on the situation. Once you enroll, you will have full access to our proprietary tracking system, WebLocker. WebLocker is designed to help you monitor, track and evaluate your performance to be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses .

Where are they now?

The Sports Academy is led by Jim Brown, a 2-time collegiate All Conference Baseball player who also earned his Certification as a Personal Trainer from the Health & Tennis Corporation of America. Jim has coached basketball, baseball, soccer and tennis and along the way, has coached champiohship teams and future pro athletes. Jim fully understands what preparation is needed to excel at a high level. Jim is also a winner of a few individual trophies as well in tennis, golf, softball and baseball.

Jim understands most challenges that confront athletes. They are not that different from what most people deal with on a daily basis only for the athlete, it is usually at a much more intense level. Managing that tension is a big part of being successful. Jim is excellent at identifying the solutions to manage individual challenges that face an athlete and Jim provide a unique insight and style for prescribing effective Game Plans to overcome those challenges. Jim has had great success at conveying how to achieve optimal performance on and off the field. Now, you can see how he does this with his digital tracking system called WebLocker.


The Sports Academy has several dedicated programs. While we believe everyone is unique and that there are certain skills
one must have to play sports. Speed, quickness, agility, conditioning, strength, awareness, game situations and stamina are
all a part of the formula for success. And we
do offer sport-specific training for a variety of sports.

The Baseball Training Center
(BTC) is one of those dedicated programs. We provide a professional training atmosphere with pro-styled instruction in hitting, pitching technique, fielding, running the bases, understanding the game and how to win.

BTC drills include offensive and defensive skills. On D, you'll be taking ground balls, learning the art of long toss to improve arm strength, simultating game situations and how to get started with game-like sports conditioning. On O, the BTC is equipped with some very effective pieces of advance training equipment for sport-specific skill development in hitting.

When you begin your preseason Training, be equipped to help yourself succeed. Our commitment is to help you excel in every facet of the game. Our commitment is evident with the excellent staff, the specialized training equipment and the use of technology to track, assess and evaluate your progress along the way.

As you begin to hone your skills, you will experience an increase in confidence and with the new skills. You will also enjoy the satisfaction that comes from setting a goal and achieving it. As you go through our training experience, you will see real improvement in your sport-specific skills as well as your overall athleticism.

The Sports Academy continues to develop new techniques and new programs designed to offer personal instruction in most sports and can certainly help you succeed in any projects you may have regardless of what facet of life. With our scientific approach to training, skill development, nutrition, power of a positive attitude and by using technology to ehnace communication and to be able to monitor, track and evaluate one's performance, you will have all of the tools you'll need to achieve your goals.

The Sports Academy is equipped with some of the finest sport-specific training tools on the market today. Our performance coaches will teach you training and conditioning principles that could lead to a pro career, collegiate all conference selections or some other form of an All-star performance. We'll provide you with everything you'll need to succeed in all facets of your training program. The hard work, dedication and consistent effort is up to you.

The Sports Academy offers individual, personal one-on-one training and small group training. Each program is designed to improve your skills and allow you to take advantage of the latest technology to take your game to whatever level you would like.

The Sports Academy helps each athlete achieve their true potential, both on and off the field. We'll show you tools that when used properly, can help you play to the best of your ability. We'll teach basic and advance skills in areas that matter most to the athlete. We'll coach speed. We'll improve reaction time. We'll make you a smarter player. We'll improve your vision. Whatever your skill assessment identities as a strength, we'll make it stronger and what ever shows up as a weakness, we'll make it better. We can even prove the experts wrong and make you taller. or at the very least, we'll have you playing taller.

The Sports Academy supervises your workouts and leaves you with a complete understanding of what it is going to take to improve. We'll help you to identify and set your goals, monitor your progress and motivate you to accomplish even the most lofty goals.

                       Sport Specific Skill Training - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Lacrosse, Skiing, Snowboarding, Cycling
                       Speed & Agility - Who Says You Can't Coach Speed - We Can!
                       Strength & Conditioning -
Power Lifting and Other Techniques
                       Peripheral Vision -
Seeing the Whole Court or Field
                       Reflexes -
Improving Your Reaction Time
                       Nutrition - Fuel for Champions - Eating to Win

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