offers a full range of equine services designed to assist the horse owner in their journey as a horse owner.
Our track record is one worth reviewing as we offer the excellent breeding capability, accurate record keeping, proper care before, during & after the birth.

Our certified equine breeding managers have ten years of experience matching parents and producing some of our countries finest horses.

A Word from the President . . .

"We are a first class service organization that utilizes the best facilities in the Chicagoland area. We offer the same quality services that larger facilities offer however, we do so at a much more manageable rate with an emphasis on offering excellent personal service. We look forward to letting our experience work for you "

Cathy Balance

CEB Best of Breed program is a comprehensive program that utilizes several different key management tools to
achieve the result most desired by horse owners. In order to accomplish the necessary tasks, we pride ourselves
on our research, customer care and personable, friendly service with an emphasis on educating you, the prospective
owner in the process.

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