BACKGROUND: Comcast has made a significant investment towards improving the
business environment for the residents and tenants of Sky Harbor. This project has
included several hundred man-hours of planning, meetings and discussions to make
sure everyone was on the same page to get the needed permits, equipment, materials
and staff needed to move this project forward.

A special thanks goes out to the Village of Northbrook and the property owners who have expressed delight with the idea of bring this new way of communicating to Sky Harbor.
The significance of this major improvement project will be seen in the years to come as
we connect each office and provide each person with a new way to conduct their business,
a way that is more productive, more time efficient and much more cost effective.

As you will see, each tenant can benefit from the use of this new technology in different
ways. The real question is how can each client reap the rewards of implementing this technological advancement and take their business to a whole new level.

If you would like to schedule your very own consultation to hear how this new technology
can help your business improve the way its managed, click here and we will be glad to
explain how these services can help your business and also share with you how you
can get signed up to start using these new technological improvements.