The order process begins with a brief survey where we identify what
web-based applications you currently use the Internet for. From there,
we identify a wish list for future uses.

Once we have a plan as to what the Internet is going to be used for,
we then research other office applications such as Digital Phone,
Web Hosting, eMail, Remote Access, Calendar Sharing and the
need for Workplace TV.

We'll inquire as to other value-added services such as IP addresses
for special applications such as web cameras, remote access and
mail servers and then we'll try to make sure all of your web-related
security needs are being considered with things like firewall's, anti-
spam and anti-virus software.

Once the preliminary survey has identified what your needs are, we
will prescribe a custom solution based on those needs. There are
other factors to consider but we will discuss those in our first face
to face meeting. We look forward to having this chance to help shape
the future of your business with the latest in digital technology and high
speed Internet, digital phone service and Cable TV and all of the extras
that will enable them to work in your space.