Yes, it is official. Comcast High Speed Internet is coming to Sky Harbor ! The permits
have been approved and the funding is in place. This past Monday, Comcast officially
broke ground on its commitment to bring high speed Internet, Digital Phone and Cable
TV to the 700 + businesses that call Sky Harbor home.

Our build out will take approximately 100 days (weather permitting) and once we are
finished, each tenant will have a convenient path to obtain our list of powerful business
services. We look forward to taking the following steps to insure you can get connected
and improve the way you use the Internet to manage your business.

- Secure the Right of Entry Letter from the Property Owner (or Management Company)
- Conduct Individual Interviews with Each Tenant to Identify their Internet Requirements
- Secure Signed Agreements and begin Installations

I appreciate your contributions and support as we look to help you and your neighbors
take your business to a whole new level of speed, dependability and opportunity. If you
could please pass on the Owner of the Property name, phone and email address, I will
follow-up and get the ball rolling.