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PLAN 2020 includes the futuristic vision of life in the year 2020. Using all of the technology currently available to us, WE WILL SHOW just what can be accomplished using the latest gadgets and widgets. In an entertaining look, we can have fun with how easy it is to incorporate technology in 2020 since by then, everything will already have been connected with whatever receivers and transmitters needed to insure a smooth flow of information.

Several key concepts will be included in the "Office of the Future" program including the "Home of the Future".

Now that the foundation is in place, we can change themes fairly easily. For instance, JAN could be health care education month, FEB could be "Family Life in Cyberspace!" a lighthearted look at how texting, messaging, scanning QR Codes, emails, FB, LinkedIN and all the rest of this digital revolution has impacted the same situations that have been around for generations but now we are turning to technology to fend off the impact of these common family situations.

Let me give you an example . . . The little one come homes from school after getting all A's all semester for about a 7 week stretch and one this particular day, he brings home a B and the dilemma ensues of how to deal with the fact he did not get an A or should the response be, "WOW, I can't believe how well he is doing in school!"

Future World will show how working in this futuristic space can can actually improve one's health, intelligence and quality of living while explaining to the little one the importance of learning about the 5 basic learning skills. (Insert "5LearningSkills.ppt" here)

OFFICE: The goal of a futuristic office environment is to create a stress-less work environment where there is no risk of contamination, interference or distraction. Work stations will provide a healthy rest spot to be productive.

HOME: Security systems will help to monitor incoming and outgoing visitors. Health management tools will effectively communicate with your health partners. Even the refrigerator will be futuristic in nature as it scans inventory when place inside and provide text message alerts when nearing expiration dates.

STUDENTS: Each visitor will now have a direct bridge to connect with the museum. By simply entering one good idea into the idea bank, the student will then be allowed to set up their "Wish List" for their next trip to the museum.

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