WebLocker is an amazing healthmanagement system that allows you to monitor every aspect of your health and wellness. And for all the employees who work with clients, each of the trainers, coaches and other staff who are working with members. when they enter their information, you will be able to see what they enter. More importanly, you will be able to see if the members are making the improvements they want. In a day and age when members are paying for results, now you can have a birdseye view to make sure they are moving in the right direction. For example, if a trainer makes a recommendation to help the member stay on track towards reaching their optimal performance by suggesting a vitamin supplement to help them lose the next 10 lbs, now you can see in 30 days if the member is moving towards that goal. SO, now whatever endeavors they choose no matter what obstacles may appear, you can see the progress or lack of it in the member's activity tracker.

You start by Clicking Here where you can begin to enter your Profile Info data such as goals, measurements, workouts and other valuable health information. Once you have begun to enter your basic data, you will be invited to join us for your 1st Fitness Consultation. Our Performance Coach will email you and invite you to schedule 15 minutes at your convenience to go over how the WebLocker works and discuss the Next Steps. This is a chance of a lifetime to begin identifying some real, and obtainable goals and start to plan the exact activities that will help you reach your goals and enjoy the journey towards acheiving optimal health and fitness. As you begin to use the various tools that exist within WebLocker, you will see how WebLocker can help stay focused on the big picture while keeping track of the details through its advanced tracking capabilities. Within the first week, you will begin to receive valuable emails, white papers and details on upcoming events.


As you begin using The WebLocker personal health management program, you will begin to experience an increase in the communication between your organization and the member. You may even see an increase and a positive change in your business's bottom line. As you gain some momentum implementing the keys to success with your new health management program, you will begin to see increases in new purchases through its online proshop. Things like vitamins and supplements, apparel, tickets to special events, more appearances to club activities, and more referrals to new members.

The Dashboard for Business Owners will provide new insights into your clientel and give you a new and exciting service to offer them. The use of WebLocker will not only increase revenues but it will aid in member retion as well. Enjoy you free preview into your own locker where you will be able to see how using WebLocker will help you get new clients, keep existing clients and in the end, make more money

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