FINALLY, YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL HEALTH MANAGER. This web-based health management system can help you obtain optimal health and fitness and leave you with a roadmaap of how you got there.

WebLocker provides the latest in technology and combines it with science to help you engage in your very own health management program. The functions, services and programs are designed to insure you achieve success in accomplishing your goals.

WebLocker includes a wide array of features but the most powerful one is its tracking system. Not only does it let you monitor the things that make you tick like tracking your activities, diet and progress, but WebLocker allows you to make adjustments as you progress so you can stay on track towards reaching your optimal performance in whatever endeavors you choose no matter what obstacles appear.

You can begin by entering your Profile Info. Data such as goals, measurements, workouts and other valuable health information will allow you to create a BASELINE. Once you have entered your basic data, you will be invited to join us for your 1st Fitness Consultation.


Your Performance Coach will explain how the WebLocker work. You will also discuss Next Steps toward acheiving your optimal health and wellness. This is a chance of a lifetime to begin identifying some real, and obtainable goals and start to plan the exact activities that will help you reach your goals and enjoy the journey towards acheiving optimal health and fitness. As you begin to use the various tools that exist within WebLocker, you will see how WebLocker can help stay focused on the big picture while keeping track of the details through its advanced tracking capabilities. Within the first week, you will begin to receive valuable emails, white papers and details on upcoming events.

REMINDER . . . .

As you begin your personal health management program, you will begin to experience an increase in positive energy and a positive change in your attitude. As you gain some momentum implementing the keys to success with your new self-improvement program, you may become susceptible to some of the pitfalls that eventually slow people down. Things like minor aches and pains, some injuries, a definite lack of time, susceptibility to fatigue and there may be 1,000 other reasons that could impair your progress.

KEY: While CHALLENGES may find their way to you, and while they may slow you down, do not let them stop you dead in your tracks. You can prepare for these slight inconveniences and make sure they do not stop you. One way is to use your WebLocker to monitor and record these events when they happen. By documenting their occurrence, you can learn from them and continue to grow.

There will be information in your locker that will help you understand how you can take these events as a sign you are making progress and instructions on how to turn them into a positive.

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