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This is your personal control center for managing your personal health management program. The functions, services and programs enclosed in this state-of-the-art tracking system are designed to insure you achieve your goals and objectives.

This tracking system also helps you make continual progress towards reaching your optimal performance in whatever endeavor you choose. It is important to note that as you begin to use the various tools that exist within your WebLocker, you stay focused on the big picture while keeping track of the details.

You start by entering data such as goals, recent workouts, measurements, and vices. Once you have journaled, feel free to start to plan certain activities in the personal fitness calendar.

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As you begin your health management program, you will begin to experience an increase in positive energy. As you gain some momentum implementing the keys to success with your new health management program, you may become susceptible to some of the pitfalls that eventually slow people down. Things like pain, injury, minor aches, lack of time, fatigue and there may be 1,000 other reasons that could impair your progress. While these things may find their way to you, you can prepare for it and make sure they do not sidetrack you. One way is to use your WebLocker to monitor and record these events. There will be information in your locker that will help you understand how you can take these events as a sign your are making progress and turn them into a positive.