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Realize the True Value of your Time with Our Video Conferencing Technology

The BoardRoom Meeting Services Team offers video communication solutions enabling your organization to communicate and respond in a fast, secure and reliable method. To best realize the value of your next meeting, you must ensure that the meeting has been planned, deployed, adopted and set up to operate as best as possible. BoardRoom Meeting Services offers you the opportunity to do just that through our comprehensive suite of service offerings. The BoardRoom Meeting Service provides total meeting support to help you manage the entire event. From the initial planning to the "day of" execution to the all important things in between including the all important follow up with Q&A's and surveys. Our meeting services include planning, deployment, adoption and operations. We help develope concepts, manage information flow and delivere the end product with certified BoardRoom professionals who are trained in proven best practices to accelerate the success of your HD video conference experience.

Our team of BoardRoom Meeting Professionals are consumate conferencing experts who will work with you to develop a customized plan specific to meet your meeting needs no matter where you may be in the deployment of your event. And because we know requirements can change along the way, we will be ready to revise and update your services as needed. From planning to optimizing, our BoardRoom Meeting Professionals will work with you during any stage of your event and help you to realize the value while allowing you to focus on your business priorities.

To help you minimize risk while achieving excellence in the results, the BoardRoom Team will help create a detailed plan which is essential to align with your business objectives and ensure the optimal results with your event. Once your plan is defined, our team of meeting professional will help identify "Best Practices" to make sure any and all aspects of your meeting are considered.

Our ability to organize the meeting and have it go off without a hitch is invaluable when you are pulling together many speakers and attendeea from a variety of sites. The BoardRoom Team will handle the connectivity and you'll handle the content. Together, we will see outstanding results that will raise the bar on your acceptance of the material and help you accomplish your short and long term goals.


Our team of meeting managers and engineers will keep your meeting operating optimally at all times. This enables you to focus on your business while securing peace of mind that your solution will consistently deliver a high-quality communications experience.

Why BoardRoom Meeting Services?


  • High quality HD broadcast insures excellent reception of information
  • Our professional meeting staff insures a quick time to deployment
  • Presenting your ideas via live interactive technology helps drive adoption
  • More affordable way to communicate positively impacys your bottom line
  • Optimize performance of you and your employees as they master a new technology
  • Reduce risk, lower travel costs and increase adoption of plans and ideas
  • Secure peace of mind knowing the system works and the impact is great  
The BoardRoom Team is committed to helping you deliver a faster return on your meeting investments. Our focus is on revenue-driving activities and innovation. Resource availability, low adoption rates and unforeseen maintenance costs can impact the performance of your solution, making it difficult to maximize your return of investmentI. BoardRoom Meeting Services helps you overcome these challenges by providing a range of services over the solution lifecycle.

Meeting Services
- Event Planning - Event Branding - Event Promotion - Video Production - FAQ’s and Surveys - Invitations
- Multiple Locations - Pay Per View Events - Flyers - Reminder eMails - Text Messages - Name Plates
- Presentation Creation - Search Engine Optimization

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